Sunday, July 28, 2013

Waking Storms

Hopefully yesterday was the last day of my solitude so I can get back to work. I spent much of the day polishing off Waking Storms, the sequel to Lost Voices by Sarah Porter. I read that book last summer, and it took me a little while to get into it because it made me so sad I needed to put it aside for something happier. But that's just how this trilogy is. It's not going to flood your tear ducts like a Jodi Piccoult novel, but it is going to make you desperately sad for the girls who choose to become mermaids.

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It's been three months since Luce saved Dorian, the only person to ever resist her singing. She's still ostracized from her tribe of mermaids, even though she is the rightful queen. The false queen, Anais, is running the mermaids down the wrong path, sinking way too many ships and ignoring the rules of the Timahk. This has caused the FBI to get suspicious of what's actually going on around there. Could there possibly be mermaids? Meanwhile, Luce and Dorian meet again and fall in love. But there's no way for them to truly be together while they remain different. Dorian wants her to find a way to turn human, but Luce is positive she doesn't want her legs back. Their love is forbidden, but maybe they could find a way to bring peace between humans and mermaids before war breaks out.

Oh, Luce. Poor Luce. Whenever she does something brave, like rescue one of the oldest mermaids ever from a trawler net, Dorian gets mad at her. He feels her life is somehow unreal, a fantasy, while he's living up on land trying to deal with the death of most of his family. I was so mad at him for that. How could he get mad that she'd saved Nausicaa, when Nausicaa is so cool. She has the world weary temperament of some older people I've met. They've seen it all, nothing can surprise them, and yet you must feel guilty for being unable to do so. I loved watching Luce come into her own as a singer, and even stand up to her old tribe. However, she got too dewy-eyed over Dorian. He was sooo not worth it, when he couldn't understand why she didn't want to give up the sea. Oh and the end. Oh when does The Twice Lost come out in paperback? I can't believe it ended that way. Would definitely recommend this series.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars
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