Sunday, July 21, 2013


So I went and got myself sick. Well, I have three, yes, count em three, cold sores. And it *SUCKS.* My lips look like I took a bicycle pump to them and I have to use a straw to avoid dribbling liquid down my chin like a freaking baby. I am also not allowed to work while sick, so I'm bedridden until these stupid ugly sores go away. I hate this. I hate hate hate being useless and not being able to work when that's the reason I'm here.

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Okay, rant done. I'm just a bit frustrated. This happened last year too and it took a whole week for the *one* sore to go away. Now I have three and I'm in pain. So, I'm understandably grumpy. There is an upside, I suppose, though. I've had time to catch up on work. Yes, folks, that's my life. When I'm not able to work I get to catch up on work. I reviewed some submissions yesterday and edited my new project from Entranced. Today I decided to do a bit of recreational reading, and finished off Vanish by Sophie Jordan. This book is the sequel to Firelight, which I think I read last summer. I picked it up because it had draki, which is awesome. Well, here we go.

Jacinda has fled back to the pride with her mother, sister, and Cassian. Thank goodness Tamra manifested for the first time ever and is a shader, otherwise the hunters Jacinda revealed herself to would remember them and their secret. Back with the pride Jacinda has to face ostracism from the pride for abandoning them, as well as try to give up the idea of being with Will. She feels a bit of a pull around Cassian, but Tamra likes him and she could never do that to her sister. Jacinda wants to be free, but suddenly being with the pride feels more like another cage.

Um, this book. Where to begin. It's short, which makes sense because not a whole lot happens. Jacinda waffles between Will (who's barely in the book) and Cassian a lot. And she feels guilt, but then not guilt because she wanted to be free. I liked this book because it has a cool concept in the different kinds of draki. Shaders, visiocrypters, firebreathers, etc. It sounds awesome. But I left this book feeling more confusion than anything. What do the draki look like? Maybe I just haven't read enough books with draki in them, but I would assume they're a bit bigger than humans, and scaly like dragons, right? Well, it seems like they retain their hair. Which is weird, not going to lie. I just can't picture it. Also, why does everyone love Jacinda? Will, Cassian, and his creepy cousin Corbin all love her. And I couldn't see it. She just seemed angsty to me. There were a couple scenes that got my heart moving moderately faster than normal. I'll be picking up Hidden to finish it off, but I'm not jumping up and down over this one.

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars
Up Next: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

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