Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Thing About Truth

I swore I was going to slow down with the reading. But here I am, not even a month into my summer reading project, and I'm a third of the way done. But really, I did try to slow down this time. It's just that The Thing About Truth is a fast read. I mean, really fast. I picked this book out because I read Two-Way Street a few years back and loved it. I generally like flashing forward and back in time, as well as dual perspectives.

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Everyone has secrets, especially Kelsey and Isaac. They both just got kicked out of their schools and are starting Concordia Public. And they hate each other. He thinks she's a stuck-up snob, and she thinks he's a brat. Circumstances bring them together to plan Face It Down Day, a day when the people of Concordia Public and Concordia Prep get together and try to foster community in an attempt to end their long feud. As they work together, Kelsey and Isaac become closer, until it seems like nothing can come between them. Nothing but the truth.

This book was decent. I enjoyed the banter between Kelsey and Isaac. It was a quick, fun read. Nothing like Insignia where you really have to think to keep up with what they're saying about the neural processors. I did have some problems with this book, though. I chuckled a few times at the inner dialogue, most of the time because it's the sort of things people would think but never ever ever say because it's not polite or fair. 1) I wanted to know more about the secondary characters. Chloe and Marshall could have been so awesome if this book had been 100 pages longer and had taken the time to develop them. 2) The ending was anti-climactic. I was left going... wait...that's it? That's the big secret the entire plot is based around? 3) Rex. Who is this guy? He's Kelsey's ex, we know that, and that he cheated on her. But for being such a big part of the plot, he had maybe 2 pages of face-time in the entire thing. I wanted more. All in all, I still like Barnholdt's books, but I liked Two-Way Street more.

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars
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