Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I am so tired. So tired. I'm pulling a long week at work, but today is the last day. Then I have two days in which I plan to edit Balancing Act quite a bit. I'm doing the first round of revisions from the notes my awesome editor Emily gave me. I also plan on getting my hair cut, seeing Despicable Me 2, horseback riding, and sleeping. Or some subset of the these things. But before I do all these things, I decided to read another standalone book. This time, I chose Fateful by Claudia Gray.

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Tess has no plans to remain a maidservant forever. In fact, after she and her employers get off the boat in America, she intends to hand in her notice. But her plans to lay low and collect her wages at the end of the week are hindered when she becomes the target of the evil Mikhail, a werewolf who wants to kill her. Her only protection is Alec, a first class passenger on the ship who is trying to stop Mikhail from forcing him to join the Brotherhood, a pack of dominant werewolves who are like a mind controlling version of the mafia. But they just have to survive 5 days aboard the ship before they can escape. But their journey is fated to be disastrous, and starts when they step foot on the RMS Titanic.

I know it's weird and depressing, but I love learning and reading about the Titanic. It was such a representation of social hierarchy at the time, as well as the luxuries that were experienced in first class versus third class. I've read two books set on the Titanic before this one, and every time the end where the ship is sinking gets my heart pumping. I can imagine the crew going down with the ship as the band played on. Men putting their wives in the too few lifeboats and sacrificing themselves. It pulls at my heart. Fateful did a bit of this as well, but I thought it took a long time getting there. The sinking of the Titanic is very close to the end, whereas I expected it to take up a more significant chunk. Spellcaster is still my favorite of Gray's books, and I can't wait for Steadfast to come out.

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars
Up Next: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

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