Monday, June 10, 2013

Flood Gates

I have been finding time to write this past week. I've reread all my character arcs and plot outlines and what I've written so far (Origins). And, between packing my boxes to move out, and editing my final paper, and relearning the controls on the explosivity of volcanoes, I've been writing. I've added another 3k this week, which is more than I've done since NaNo. Which is pitiful, I know, but saying I've been busy would be a gross understatement.

And, remember what happened to me while I was writing Balancing Act? I got inside Callie's head, and her depression at not being able to compete effected me? Made me sad, made me relive that moment when I broke my own ankle over and over again? Well, something of the same sort has been happening with Origins. Last night I was working on a particularly emotional scene with the character of Alicia. It's simple: she's hitting a punching bag and trying not to think. And it's not working.

Writing that scene, in which Alicia exhibits so much emotional pain, effected me a lot. After finishing it, I had to stand up, walk around, and talk to people to bring myself back to the real world. I knew that if I remained in her head too long, I would start to cry. And I don't really like crying.

At least this time around, when the flood gates opened into my characters minds, I was more prepared for how much it would effect me. Characters that I've dreamed up are effecting my emotional state. But I know how to handle it much better now. I can't let myself get dragged down.

Anywho, back to writing.

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