Monday, June 3, 2013

Finding Time

It's June. Oh. My. Gosh. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? This school year has flown by so fast I've forgotten a lot of things that happened. I'm taking my last set of classes for the year. I have 2 finals this week, and I've read over thirty books since I finished my Summer Reading Project. But there's one thing I haven't done much of this year: written.

I haven't had much time this year. And normally I'm really good at making time to write. But somehow, this year slipped away and here I am with barely any more of Origins than I had at the beginning of the year. And that stinks. Because I love those characters already, and I love the story and I love writing it.

So this weekend I set aside some time, and I wrote. I only got down about 2000 words before something called me away, by gosh did it feel good to sit down and immerse myself in a story I adore.

I hope I get more time to write once summer here. By that point I'll have only two jobs instead of a job, an internship, and full time school. I feel like laughing hysterically just reading that. And next year looks to be just as hectic, with my release date set tentatively at February 3rd and taking classes required for my major (I have a seminar about WWII, I'm so excited!).

This summer I will really have to buckle down and work on Origins, even if I'm exhausted. My goal has been two write two novels a year, and so far I've stuck to that.

Back to work now. Like I said, two finals this week.

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  1. Haha. I've been feeling the same way, watching the calendar turn. Hope you do find more time to write! So hard to balance everything one wants to do, eh? Good luck on the finals!