Monday, May 27, 2013

Mila 2.0

Back in March I attended a stop on the Dark Days Tour consisting of Kiersten White (you'll recall I squeed because she said I looked familiar), Dan Wells, Debra Driza, Claudia Gray, and Lauren Oliver. While I had read Kiersten, Wells, and Oliver, I hadn't yet cracked open Driza's debut novel Mila 2.0. Well, this weekend I did.

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Mila was never supposed to know what she was. And the truth shakes her notions about her own humanity, if she has any. She is an android designed by the government to be a fighting machine. But one of her creator's saw the humanity in her, and stole her away from the organization's crazy leader. Now she's trying to lead a normal, teenage life in Minnesota. She has no real memories of what she is, and many of the memories she has of her past life are fake. She meets a boy named Hunter who makes her feel more human than should be possible. And then one accident ruins the facade of real life forever, and Mila and her mom must run, or risk capture.

What I loved about this book were the notions of humanity that Mila struggles with. She's programmed with emotions, but she swears she can really feel them. So she can't determine what is the evolving human in her, and the android. It's the ultimate kind of violation, not knowing your own body. And as Mila struggles with this, she also has to decide how much of the android she's going to let control her. Their need to escape requires her to be at least part machine, but every time she uses her enhanced senses, she feels less human. This is a hefty book, and takes a little extra reading time, but it's action packed and made me smile on numerous occasions. Would definitely recommend, especially if you liked Kiersten White's Paranormalcy series.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars
Next up: Spellcaster by Claudia Gray

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