Tuesday, April 23, 2013


And back to our normal programming after yesterday's amazing reveal! (If you missed it, I signed a book deal) Another dystopian review heading your way, this time Lauren Oliver's sequel to Delirium, Pandemonium. This book was read accidentally. I had just worked 6 straight hours on homework and edits, and I wanted a break. And I may have accidentally finished it off. Well... maybe not accidentally.

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Lena has escaped to the Wilds, and it's nothing like she imagined. For one, Alex isn't with her, having been killed as they fled. She now must learn to survive with other Invalids. It's harsh, but she has a sort-of friend in Raven, the leader of the homestead she stumbles upon. Flash forward in time and Lena has been reabsorbed into the civilized society, working undercover at pro-cure rallies. She and the youth-leader of the organization, Julian, are kidnapped by Scavengers and taken into the tunnels under the city. They work together to escape, and along the way grow close.

Looking back at my opinions of Delirium, I was in a cynical place. I read it on Valentine's Day, because what better way to spend that particular holiday when you're all alone than to read about love being a disease? Still, I felt the book was a bit slow for my liking. And while I felt this stayed the same in Pandemonium, it certainly picked up. There's lots of action and running and stabbing of things. I was confused by only one thing. I understand the need to discuss what happened to Lena in the Wilds before going back to the society. But I didn't see any meshing of the Now and Then stories. I didn't see how Lena came to join the Rising or what the big climax of the Now was. But that's my only beef. The rest was great.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

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