Monday, March 11, 2013

Mind Games

This weekend I accidentally pulled my first all-nighter. How, you ask? My best friend who lives out of state came back home for spring break. We hung out all afternoon at her house, and then I spent the night before she went back to school. I am also very good friends with her sister, in whose room I slept. We ended up talking till six in the morning. Woops! So today, understandably, I was rather exhausted. So I finished off Mind Games by Kiersten White.

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Fia has always tried to protect her sister Annie. And Annie has always strived to become the older sister who protects Fia. Both of them think they have failed. Years ago Annie was accepted into a prestigious school that also promised to try to find a cure for her blindness. While learning, she discovers that the snippets of the world she sees are visions of the present or future. Meanwhile, Fia refuses to leave her sister to the school, because her instincts tell her it's wrong. And Fia's instincts are always right. But for Annie, she is willing to give up her sense of right. That is, until the school sends Fia out to kill someone, and she refuses.

I read the first two books of Kiersten's Paranormalcy series over the summer, and enjoyed them greatly. Mind Games is on an entirely different level. Where Paranormalcy is snarky and light-hearted, Mind Games is dark and psychological. Both sisters are complicated in their love and hate for each other (like sisters do), and the shift in time and perspective adds an erratic sense to the book that makes it amazing. The one area I was disappointed in was the lack of change in the characters in the present story. There is change between the past Thia/Annie and the present Thia/Annie, but not through the progression of the current plot. But it had my heart racing on more than one occasion. Kiersten, I take my hat off to you.

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars

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