Monday, March 18, 2013

Days of Blood and Starlight

I have wanted this book ever since it came out in November. Sadly, my coffers had been drained by the number of books I bought over the summer, and so decided to grit my teeth until it came out in paperback. But my parents surprised me this weekend with a copy, saying I deserved it with finals starting. Which they are. Today. Two of them. Sigh. But anyways, onto happier things.

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Karou loved the enemy, and then he brought about the near destruction of her species, including the only family she's ever known. Now Karou is the last hope for the Chimaera, taking over the post of resurrectionist with grim determination. Meanwhile, the angel Akiva is back with his fellows, back in the army, but with a different purpose. He wants to save the Chimaera, and find Karou again. Both sides are trying to find peace, but it only seems to breed more slaughter. The White Wolf is cozying up to Karou, but she still can't stand the sight of him, and he's a necessary evil. And Jael, captain of the most evil part of the army, is spending too much time around Akiva and his family. They want peace, but they probably won't get it.

I absolutely loved this book, enough to put off studying for finals longer than was probably wise. From the dazzling views of Prague in the first book, this book delves into the Kashbah in Morocco, and the land of the angels and Chimaera. Laini Taylor is not afraid to pull punches. She kills people you like, saves people you hate, and the entire time you're so sad for everyone. Karou is destroyed. She has no one to help her or even like her most of the time, and Akiva is....well...Akiva. He has to help appear to destroy the Chimaera. Helping with genocide. That's tough on a guy. Love love love this book. Would absolutely recommend.

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars


  1. I was only so-so on Daughter, mostly because of the way the book split down the middle into Karou in Prague in the first half, and her backstory in the second half and I was so distracted by wondering what was happening in Karou's world during the second half it sorta took away from the backstory. But I've heard this one, Days, is a lot more of a cohesive story and even people who had issues with the first book feel this one's better. Glad to hear you really loved it, too! I'm looking forward to reading it.

  2. Oh yes, this one doesn't have the large flashback sequences. I agree about the first book - really good writing but the flashback took up a large portion of the book. It sets the stage for DoBaS really well, though. You should read it!!