Friday, March 8, 2013

Dark Days Tour

Last night I had the privilege to meet Claudia Gray, Lauren Oliver, Debra Driza, Dan Wells, and Kiersten White at the Dark Days Tour stop in Seattle.

I almost didn't go last night - I was exhausted from a long week of school, and ready to collapse with a healthy dose of reading and looking for more internships. But boy oh boy am I glad I went.

Unfortunately, I have only read books from Lauren, Dan, and Kiersten. Claudia's book has been on my TBR list for a while, but I've been trying to save some money by not buying every book I come across. It's hard, guys! Anywho.

This group of people was hilarious. They all discussed their books, whether they would be friends with their protagonist, what their favorite part of their book was, etc. It was pretty funny and inspiring. The first half of the panel was a moderated Q&A. Then the last bit was a Q&A with the  audience. And I've gotten a lot more confident about raising my hand at these things. And boy, was I glad I was assertive. There was time for only three people to ask questions, and who got to be one of them? Me!! I asked how the querying stage was for all of them. And SQUEE!

Then came the signing. I got expedited through line because I only had books for Dan and Kiersten to sign (my Delirium books are, sadly, ebooks). Dan Wells gave me German chocolate and a doctor's slip to get of of class because I am dying of RM. And Kiersten said I looked really familiar and asked if we'd met before. Ohhhh if only I could have said yes!

Awesome night. Now going to bury myself in Mind Games.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I rarely have the patience for crowds at events like that. I went to a Cassandra Clare signing last fall and ended up leaving after she gave her intro talk 'cause it was going to be such a long wait. The panel of authors would've been fun to go hear, though! So what was their insight into their querying stages? :)

  2. Several of them had, as they put it "gotten lucky." Claudia submitted a paranormal to an agent right as paranormal was about to explode. Lauren was in publishing and gave her manuscript to an agent and told him he would love it and represent her. Then there were the traditional stories of querying the wrong novel before the right one got accepted :) Basically they all said that it takes a lot of time, and you have to roll with the rejections.