Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Short Stories

This quarter at university I am taking an introductory course to short story writing. The concepts are the same as writing a novel, except you don't have as many pages to get your ideas across. Seems like a breeze for someone who's written four books right? Wrong.

I understand the concepts just fine, and I like our exercises. It's the ideas that I find difficult. I am not good at coming up with stories on demand. That's why I write books. I like to wait for an idea that I love, and develop that for a year or so. The ideas every week for a poignant story are really really tough on me.

And I've noticed that most of the ones I come up with involve travel. And my final story is looming  ahead of me. It's supposed to be 10-15 pages, and I've got zip. No idea what to write. Uh-oh.

Any suggestions on kick-starting my short story brain?

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  1. I am taking a fiction class for the first time too and i know exactly what you're talking about! I have so many stories in my head that i love, but none that match up with this "character based" short story class. It's difficult. For me, writing means stepping into another land and so to do that i set my story in a place that i knew and liked, but didn't frequent too much. Something that was intriguing, but didn't feel mundane. Then i had to develop the characters, which was difficult, but having it in an intriguing setting definitely helped. But yeah, I'm definitely finding difficulties with this class. Good luck!