Friday, February 22, 2013

Gold Medal Summer

A short read, light and fluffy and nice for people who like gymnastics. Donna Freitas was a competitive gymnast herself, which is a large reason I picked up this book. Also, I love gymnastics enough to have centered a book around it. I was part of the sport for six years, then quit for a while. Then I joined back up on my high school team before an injury took me out for the rest of the season. I love Make It Or Break It. I watched the Olympic gymnastics as well. So, Gold Medal Summer was going to be a look at what other gymnastics books do.

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Joey Jordan is an elite gymnast who's never been on the gold medal stand. Her parents refuse to come watch her compete after enduring her sister's painful rise to National Champion. Her friend Alex has begun to hate the sport, and Coach Angelo refuses to listen to any of her ideas about changing her routines. Then her old friend Tanner moves back into town to spice up an already complicated summer. Joey has to keep her head in the game if she wants to get the gold at Regionals.

A lot of the concepts explored in this book are ones I knew about. The lack of social life for elite gymnasts. The pressure on parents and the strain gymnastics has on the body. Not to mention the early retirement age of gymnasts and the snarkiness of the other competitors. These were portrayed very well in such a short book. Still, I thought the situations were solved a little too easily in the end, and Joey's big dramatic speech about trust to her coach left me underwhelmed. Still, I love me some gymnastics.

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Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

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