Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Waiting Game

Publishing seems to be all about the waiting. Actually, anything not involving a book directly seems to be about waiting. Waiting for contest results. Sending off a new project and waiting to hear back from your critique partner as you chew your nails to ribbons. Waiting to hear back on queries. Waiting to hear back from an editor. So much time seems to be spent waiting.

Now, I'm not published, but I'm no stranger to the waiting game. I've sent off queries. I've submitted short stories and my novels for contests. I've waited for critiques. And it doesn't seem to get any easier. Just when you feel like the savvy old-hat, you realize you're supposed to hear back from a contest in 3 days and your imagination kicks into overdrive and you might end up rocking from side to side on your bed with your arms wrapped around your knees.

I have no solution. Part of me loves the waiting, the anticipation. The rest of me hates it. Did I mention it's 16 days till the ABNA results for this round are posted?

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