Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Phew, it's been a busy couple of weeks. I knew what I was getting into of course, and I am enjoying being so busy. The only downside is not having much chance to read. But this weekend I had stayed on task so much, and gotten so much work done, that I got a a chance. I've been reading Eona by Alison Goodman since I got back to school. At over 600 pages it's not a short read.

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Eona has finally admitted to being female, and has joined the resistance to put the rightful heir to the throne, Emporer Kygo, back in his place. This means killing his murderous uncle, Sethon, who grabbed the station in a palace coup. Eona now has the rank and power of a Dragoneye, everything she could have hoped for, but she still has secrets. She can't connect with her dragon power without the other spirit dragons attacking her. And she's becoming attracted to Emporer Kygo who trusts her to always tell him the truth. And deadliest of all is the secret of the black folio, possessed by the Dragoneye apprentice Dillon. It holds the recipe to bind a Dragoneye's will to that of the king. If it falls into royal hands, Eona could lose the freedom she craved all her life. But it might also be the key to ending the war.

Eona was a good book. It had some interesting revelations and interactions between the characters. The ideas of free will and gender roles are especially prominent. I loved that not everything could be solved by Eona, and that not everyone liked her, even if that person was a good guy. And the character of Lord Ido, the only remaining trained Dragoneye? Amazingly twisted. What I wasn't crazy about - how long it took to get there. Eon was a hefty book as well, so the size of Eona made sense. But I thought it could have been trimmed at the edges to make it flow better.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

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