Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rolling Ball, Meet Head

In an earlier post I mentioned how this year the purpose of my doing NaNo was to kick start my imagination. I've been so busy with school and life that I haven't had the inspiration that got the ball rolling on my current Favorite WIP. In other words, I've been too grounded in realities to go outside the realm of normal.

And Origins is definitely not normal. Unless you think telekinesis is normal, or a guy with x-ray vision with a really creepy dad. Or a girl with superstrength. Or a crime wave sweeping Manhattan caused by superheroes.

I am in love with this story. I just haven't had the imagination to write it. So this year's NaNo project, Saddle Sore, is to help me get the ball rolling again. To remember why I fit writing into a full schedule. And so far it's working. Writing bad books really can help you write good ones.

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