Saturday, November 17, 2012

Before I Fall

I am sick. Blame it on the colds sweeping campus, blame it on the very cold weather, blame it on the fact that I spent the weekend competing in 20 degree weather. Either way, I'm sick and down for a couple days. This gave me a chance to read for a while, since my brain is not capable of handling complex functions at the moment. My choice - Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.
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The first book by Oliver that I read was Delirium, a dystopian romance, and it left me a little disappointed. Before I Fall did not disappoint. This novel follows Sam on the day of her death. She's got it all, popularity, a hot boyfriend who never would have been seen with her before she was Cool, and wonderful friends. But today is a special day: her last day, although she doesn't know it. After her death Sam is forced to relive that last day seven times to figure out what happened and why. This will shake her beliefs about her friends, her boyfriend, popularity, and even life and death.

I loathed Sam in the beginning. She was cruel, vapid, dumb, and she seemed to break rules simply because they were there. But you were supposed to hate her. Her journey towards her big realizations meant she had to start out as the person you'd run away from in school. I greatly enjoyed this book, though it wasn't the most cheerful thing I'd ever read. That being said, I felt some of her days could have been pared down a little. One or two story lines cut. But I would definitely recommend.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

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