Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Editing Voice

For all of you out there who have edited your own work, or someone else's, you know you have a certain way you like things to sound. It is hard to set aside our own style and adjust our editing voice to someone else's tune. Of course, there will be times when you're right to use your own voice - perhaps you are the world's leading expert on dialogue punctuation. In that case, you'd be right to use your own set of skills. It takes an outsiders opinion to show an author how a piece is seen.

Now, if you're the world's leading expert in writing about fungus, and you're editing a paranormal romance about fairies and werewolves, this is probably not going to help. Might want to save that knowledge for your own book. About fungus. Not sure how you'd use that. ANYway! the point is that everyone has an editing voice. Bringing in someone else's opinion is a good thing, though you fungus experts may want to hold off.

I personally like commas. A lot. Probably too much. This reflects in my writing, and my editing.

What's your editing voice?

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  1. Hee. I haven't noticed the commas thing in your writing so much. My own particular punctuation tic is semicolons, which, because they're not commonly employed in most writing, tend to stand out in mine.

    I'm current working on critiquing a MS that's written in a *very* different style than I write, and it's been a challenge reining in my own voice to be able to accept hers.