Tuesday, September 25, 2012


In case you missed yesterday's post, Eon by Alison Goodman was the last book I read for my Summer Reading Project. It is a hefty book at just over 500 pages, and took me a bit longer than usual to read. However, this should be attributed to the fact that the days had been spent moving into my new home at college, and meeting new people.

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This novel follows Eon, a sixteen-year-old who has been training for years to become a Dragoneye apprentice. This means that, if chosen by one of the twelve energy dragons, he would serve as a conduit between the realm of energy, and the human world. It's a powerful position, and only one boy is chosen every year. But Eon has a secret. He is actually Eona, a girl, and forbidden to bond with a dragon because women are unsuited to channeling the energy. Eona is drawn into the intrigue of court after bonding with the Mirror Dragon who has been lost for five hundred years. If her enemy, Dragoneye Ido, discovers her secret she will be killed. Of course, she might just be killed in the upcoming revolution.

This book has a lot of threads. Eon struggles with actually being Eona, and has pushed femininity so far down that she can barely remember what it is. She is also having trouble connecting with her dragon and balancing the duties of being a young Dragoneye with no one to train her, and having the possibility of a revolution revolving around her decisions.

It's intricate, detailed, and I think it could have been pared down a bit. Everything is very formal, which I loved, because that's how it was. You could only say specific things on specific occasions, and you had to bow a certain way depending on rank, and if you were of equal rank you had to bow to the elder of that rank. It's complicated. I loved Eon's struggle with Eona. I was a bit confused by the channeling of the energy, but I've heard it's explained more thoroughly in the sequel.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars
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  1. I've picked up this book twice on the basis of the cover alone - it is so gorgeous! But I haven't actually read it yet... Thanks for your review. It might push me to actually go get it this time.

  2. I agree, the cover is amazing! I'm glad the reviews are helpful :)