Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

If only the description of the book were more enticing, I might have picked this book up and read it back when I first saw it last year at a Tamora Pierce book signing. I had heard of it, sure, and knew it was a best seller. But I didn't understand why.

Now I do.
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Karou means hope in the language of the Chimaera. But Karou is human. Blue haired, an excellent artist, and a current resident of Prague, she receives languages for her birthdays. Karou balances two lives - a human one where she is an art student and friends with Zuzana, and her secret life where she deals in the trafficking of teeth to Brimstone, her foster father who is a Chimaera. Karou doesn't know anything about her life, why she exists, why she is the only human trusted by Brimstone, or why he needs teeth. That starts to change when she is attacked by the angel Akiva, and he sees something familiar in her.

This book was amazing. The descriptions were fluid, and the dialogue witty. And when strong emotionless Akiva collapsed in tears I felt it like a palpable thing. The depth to the characters is compelling, and by the end all I wanted to do was pick up the sequel.

But, alas, it doesn't come out till November. *Grah!*

Would HIGHLY recommend.

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars


  1. I enjoyed it, but I think I was left feeling underwhelmed after all the hype. My biggest issue with it was that it felt like two separate books - one with Karou in Prague, and another with whatshername in the Chimaera's world. It was kind of like at the halfway point, just as I was getting rather attached to Karou, suddenly I'm introduced to a new character and have to start caring from scratch. I think I would've enjoyed it more if whatshername's backstory was woven into Karou's story so Karou doesn't completely disappear for chapters. Still, it was good, and I'll be picking up the sequel this fall, too. :)

  2. I think the reason I enjoyed it as much as I did was that I missed all the hype. I only saw it once it was published. But I agree with you about the Karou/Madrigal switch. But I think it will work with the sequel. Now that we know Madrigal's back story it should be all Karou from here on out. At least, that's how I would write it :P