Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Am Worth It

One of the reasons I dread editing is that evil voice in the back of my head says "Why should you bother?" I want to be published. I've dreamed of it for years, which constitutes a significant portion of my life. Of course, back when that dream began, I had no idea how hard it was. Now I do. Which makes it harder to ignore the evil voice. The chances of my getting published are very slim. So why do I bother?

Because I am worth it.

I am dedicated, and I love my craft. Writing and reading fill my spare hours. I have to believe that all the work I've put into my three books, and all those hundreds of hours spent reading, has made me into a good writer. I need to believe that my dream can come true.

I am worth it. Books are worth it. And so are you.


  1. I know that feeling! I get struck with it on regular occasion, too, even after lots of positive feedback on my work. It's so easy to feel daunted by the odds, or not as good as other work you're reading, like how can you possibly measure up. The good thing is, though, we're always improving our craft; even if this project doesn't sell, it serves as practice for our next one. As long as you don't let yourself get stagnant, you'll get there sooner or later (hopefully sooner :). And as someone who's read your work, you definitely deserve to be there! I have every confidence you'll make.

  2. Oh, PS - like the new blog design! It surprised me when I clicked through my reader to leave a comment. :)