Thursday, September 13, 2012


The past few days my dream world and my awake world have been colliding more than usual. You know that feeling when you realize you're in a dream? Suddenly everything seems possible and you can manipulate the scenario of the dream. I get that a LOT. About half the time I'm conscience of that fact. But something different has been happening.

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I had a small surgery a couple days ago, nothing serious or life threatening, but enough that I have a few stitches. And I'm not supposed to elevate my heart rate while I have them. I was in the middle of a nightmare, being chased from my house by a guy with a gun when I realized in my conscience self that my heart rate must be becoming heightened. And I woke up. I told my father and he laughed so hard he almost cried.

Then this morning - and I swear this all connects to writing - I was in the middle of another weird dream. I was swimming in a pool that was also a library, and I had telekinetic powers. Long story short, I woke up seriously pondering a question of tracking abilities of telekinetics in big cities versus large natural spaces. This is something I need to consider when creating the world for my new WIP (tell ya'll about it later). So, to wrap it all up, writing has now gone from taking up a large portion of my daily life, to invading my nightly life. I think I can officially call myself a writer now!


  1. That's funny that your writing is seeping into your dreams like that. While I often remember the dreams I have last thing before I wake up, and from time to time there's some idea or premise in them that would be interesting as/in a story, I don't find that the stuff I dream about is an obvious reflection of my waking life.

    Hope you heal quickly from the surgery and can get back to your normal activity. :)

  2. It's been a disconcerting sensation to say the least. Almost every morning I've been waking up with ideas for the trilogy. But I said I wouldn't start writing it until I finished critiquing Secrets. That way I'll have a good world all set up before I get into the meat of the thing.

    And thanks :) I can take the stitches out in 4 days!!