Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Walk to Remember

I picked up this book when Borders went out of business. It was probably 4 dollars. So I don't regret buying it. Plus one of my best friends is always pushing for me to read a Nicholas Sparks novel. But to be honest, at the end of this novel I only felt neutral.

The plot of this novel can be summed up in one sentence: Landon discovers he loves the very religious and super sweet girl Jamie, and dates her as her health deteriorates.

Ninety pages in to this 234 page book, I felt like there was very little character development. I knew as much about Landon and Jamie as I learned in the first couple chapters. Now I'm not saying this is a bad book, I'm just saying I was a little disappointed after all I've heard about Nicholas Sparks. I loved Jamie, and enjoyed seeing all the care she gave to orphans and everyone in general. There were some moments I laughed.

This was a quick read, and I'd suggest it if you're looking for something light and moderately stimulating.

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

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  1. Well.. it's a love story, it has to be corny. I think it's a very good book, because it gives us all a message about true love and it give us hope that people can change in a better way.