Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reasons Why I'm Split on E-Readers

I think there are a lot of great things about Kindles, Nooks, and E-Readers in general. You can bring a ton of books on vacation without taking up a whole other suitcase. E-books are often cheaper than new release hardbacks. It's progress.


You don't have to charge a paper-back.
A paperback can't crash.
If I lose a paperback I'm out one book and probably ten dollars instead of tons of books and loooots more money.


  1. Good points! The other tricky thing for me is that I read/edit on a computer all day for my job, and when I read for enjoyment...I really don't feel like staring at a screen some more. :/

  2. This was the other post I've been meaning to return to to comment on...

    I read quite a bit on my ereader. Since I don't have the money to buy books usually, most of my reading is of library books, and being able to access the library's ebook collection expands the titles available to me; some I can only get as ebooks. If I absolutely love a book and want to own it, though, I always buy the physical copy. It just doesn't quite feel like you own it if it's pixels on an ereader.

    (My best friend pretty much never gets physical books anymore, either purchased or borrowed. Her reason, though, is that she had a baby last year and does much/most of her reading while breastfeeding, and an ereader is a lot easier to hold and turn the pages of with just one hand. This has not been a huge consideration of mine...)

    But what I REALLY love my ereader for is being able to read my and my CPs' manuscripts away from my computer and still make notes on them. It feels like reading a book, not a MS, and I can curl up on the couch or wherever, someplace more comfortable. If anything happened to my current ereader I'd buy a new one immediately.

  3. Thanks for all the input! It's easy to see the devotion to hard copies, as well as willingness to continue on the road of progress :)