Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Exhaustion

I pinky promise to have a book review for ya'll soon! But I spent the past couple days in Oregon with my best friend, getting clothes for the new school year, swimming in 85 degree weather, and TALKING ABOUT BOOKS!

For being as bookish as I am, I do not have many friends who enjoy reading to the extent I do. And of those people, none of them love writing. Except for one. But she's gone most of the year at university (not mine, unfortunately) so we don't see each other as often as I'd like. But over the past two days we spent hours talking about our WIPs and books. We also spent a ton of time in the Young Adult section of Powells. I may have gotten some more books...but they were used and there's no sales tax in Oregon!

Anyways, on to the topic of today's post. The Good Exhaustion. Like being sore after a long day of horseback riding and mucking stalls. Or working out at the gym. Or walking around town. Or, more applicable to us writers, the end of a day you've done substantial work on your novel.

Who hasn't felt the emotional drain of channeling an entire cast of characters' emotions through your brain? It's exhausting! When I had a good day with Balancing Act I had to get up and sit outside in the real world for a while because my head was stuck in Callie's world.

It's Good Exhaustion. It's knowing you've done all you can for the day and can now lay down and read in peace. Or sleep. Most likely sleep.

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