Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lost Voices

Okay, so I started reading this book back in June, but stopped for a while because the first couple chapters were seriously depressing. But it was on my list, and I knew I had to read it, so over the past few days, between working and watching superhero movies and trying not to fall asleep before ten, I hunkered down and read Lost Voices by Sarah Porter.

Some background: I love everything to do with mermaids. I've already read another mermaid book this summer, Tempest Rising, and while I didn't love love love it, as always I loved the descriptions of the powerful tails and the underwater life.

The premise of Lost Voices is that when a girl is being abused emotionally, physically, what have you, when she finally accepts that horrible feeling of desolation, she turns into a mermaid. The novel follows Luce, whose mother died when she was young, and whose father was lost at sea on a fishing boat. Luce now lives with her abusive drunk of an uncle. Long story short, something awful happens and Luce becomes a mermaid off the shores of Alaska, and joins a tribe of other poor souls. It's amazing for a while, as she thinks she's found a friend in Catarina, the queen, and a place where she can finally belong. But there's a catch: mermaids have this urge to sink ships, and mermaid law states that no person who has heard mermaid song can live to tell the tale. But Luce doesn't want to kill people, right?

I loved the writing style of this novel. It was dark and flowing, and not at all teenage-angsty. It was about Luce trying to figure out who she is, now that she makes her own decisions in life. My one quibble was that I wanted to see what the reaction on land was to her disappearance, and all the ships sinking nearby. There's one scene that shows another group of girls becoming mermaids, which made me hopeful, but there was nothing.

I would definitely recommend it. Next review will probably be of The Hobbit, which was one of my favorite books as a child. And I'll be reading The FloatingIslands at the same time. Chow!

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

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