Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Griffin's Song Love List

Yesterday I posted my Love List for Balancing Act, a list of all the reasons I enjoy writing it to inspire me when things are going slowly. So I thought I'd keep the fun going and post about my first WIP, the one I've been working on for over 2 years now, Griffin's Song.
  • Pirates
  • Old fashioned dresses
  • A character who rails against the norms of society to achieve her dreams
  • A main character who isn't strong in the beginning but must find her strength to survive
  • A scary villain who has flashes of humanity
  • The ocean, and old fashioned boats
  • A male character who is tight-laced and has to be...well...unlaced
What Griffin's Song needs more of:
  • Development of the relationships around the male lead character
  • Increase in the complexity between the main character and the villain
  • A more fully developed cast of secondary characters

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