Monday, July 30, 2012

Balancing Act Love List

Recently both Natalie Whipple and Seabrooke Leckie have posted about things they love about their current WIPS. It helps to make the list because when you feel like chucking the whole thing in the trash and are wondering "why in the world did I think I liked writing?" you can look at the list and say "Oh, right."

So here is my Love List for my current WIP, Balancing Act

  • Gymnastics training
  • A driven character whose passions are obsessions
  • A character finding out she can be a good teacher
  • A male character who isn't a jerk in order to be mysterious
  • Symbolic physical gestures
  • Short narrative sentences that speak worlds about the character
  • Dealing with the pain of realizing one's dreams can, and sometimes have to, change
  • Odd hobbies - in this case nail painting and crocheting
And a few things I want to add
  • An in depth relationship with a best friend that doesn't revolve around discussing the love interest
  • Family bonding
  • More annoying encounters with a younger brother
What's your love list?

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