Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tempest Rising

I just remembered today that I had not posted a review about this book. I'll preface this by saying that I love everything to do with the ocean, which is why I picked up this book about Tempest, who has some fishy tendencies. For instance, while out surfing with her friends one day, she begins to get a mermaid tail.

Now there were points of this book that I greatly enjoyed, and the anger Tempest felt at her mother for abandoning her family for the ocean is tangible throughout the novel. Also were the intricacies of the physical changes Tempest goes through as she nears her seventeenth birthday - the day she will have to decide whether to become a mermaid or remain a biped. Her decision was always to stay on land with her father, two brothers, and off-again-on-again boyfriend Mark. Everything gets mucked up as her birthday approaches however, and her life isn't made simpler by the arrival of hot surfer dude Kona who is eerily at home in the ocean. Kind of like Tempest.

I had some problems with this book. For one, it is never exactly explained why Tempest is going to turn mermaid on her seventeenth birthday, or even how the magic of the mermaids exists. Or how Tempest's father even got involved with a mermaid. There are some holes, and they might be explained in the sequel Tempest Unleashed.

Would I recommend this book? Sure. It's a light read and the descriptions make up for some holes and conflicting character traits within Tempest. But I think I'll read reviews before picking up the sequel.

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

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