Monday, June 25, 2012

The Red Pyramid

Those of you who are familiar with Rick Riordan are also familiar with the mass appeal of his books. I have an aunt with whom I discuss books for hours whenever she visits, and she raved about his Percy Jackson series, which is definitely YA. A few months ago one of my readers suggested The Red Pyramid. I read an online description and thought it sounded okay. A bit like a fantasy twist on a YA version of Dan Brown's novels. But I picked it up when I went on my book binge.

At almost 500 pages it's not a fast read. But still, on my lunch breaks and before going to work I managed to read it. And I will definitely be reading the sequel. The Red Pyramid follows Sadie and Carter Kane (neither older than 15) as they deal with the consequences of their dad blowing up the Rosetta Stone in the British History Museum. Consequences which include the releasing of 5 gods, one of which is bent on the destruction of the world, and others who have attached themselves to human souls. You know, normal kid stuff. As Sadie and Carter rush to try to save their dad, who was imprisoned by the nasty guy mentioned before, they learn about the realities of Egyptian mythology, and how they themselves may be the most important pieces in the puzzle.

Great writing, accessible for all ages. Sadie is spunky and has a discernible British influence in her narration. Carter is timid and a people pleaser who has to find his courage in order to save...well...the world.

Would recommend to anyone who likes historical-fantasy-YA-humor hodgepodges. I know I'm a big fan.

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars

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