Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Morning Gift

I have been a fan of Eva Ibbotson's historical romance novels for a few years now. Mainly because all of the minor characters seem so real, and by the end of the story (usually the epilogue) when you find out what happens to them all, it makes sense and is normally funny.

The Morning Gift is no exception. The novel follows Ruth Berger, Austrian born and 5/8ths Jewish, right as her country is being taken over by Hitler. In order to get safely out of the country, and reach her family and pianist boyfriend Heini, she marries a family friend to get a visa. Quin Somerville is a professor and paleontologist, and ends up teaching his new wife when she is enrolled in his class in England.

I had a great many laughs while reading, and as usual marveled at the amount of research Ibbotson had to do to finish a novel. She has a sweet writing style, and it flavors the romance. Nothing ever sizzles with Ibbotson. It's comfortable and compatible, and only when the characters are willing to accept themselves as themselves do they come together. If you're looking for a raunchy read, pass this book by. But if you are a fan of intricate character webs, information about the people dislocated as a result of fleeing Hitler, and a sweet story about a man and a woman, pick up a copy of The Morning Gift.

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars
Next on the agenda: The Red Pyramid 

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  1. Nice review! And I can't wait for your next one - I love the Red Pyramid.