Thursday, June 28, 2012


Anne McCaffrey has been a staple in my family's home for as long as I can remember. In fact, I have a very distinct memory of sitting on the swing outside my family's house and having my mom bring me Dragonflight, saying I should read it. Of course, I tried, because 1) my mom thought it was a good book and that makes it worthy and 2) even back then I never seemed able to get my hands on enough books.

Alas, I think I was a bit too young to appreciate Dragonflight at the time. It has some very complex social interactions, and I think Little Me would have been confused by the Thread that was supposed to be killing everything. Because, even as an adult, I still think it sounds like little space worms.

Here's the story: Lessa is the true ruler of Ruatha, but she's been biding her time in plotting revenge of Thax, who killed her family and gained control of the kingdom. At the same time as events are reaching a head with  Lessa, the dragon rider F'lar is on a search for a new queen of his collection of dragon riders. This means that he needs a strong woman who can bond with the golden dragon, the largest of them all. His search leads him to Ruatha, where he finds Lessa. The long and short of it is, he ends up killing Thax (good riddance, you big bully) and taking Lessa with him to Benden Weir, where his dragon riders are. Lessa now must take lessons in being the Weirwoman, and bond with the dragon Ramoth when she hatches. And in the mean time, the Red Star which brings the evil Thread (if one piece lands it will destroy acres of land) is rising. Benden Weir is short on time, and short on dragons to fight the Thread. It all rests on Lessa's head.

I liked this book, and will read the sequel. Dragonquest. There were points where it was just a bit too dramatic for my taste. Perhaps I wouldn't have thought this if I hadn't listened to it via audiobook, as the narrator had a very deep voice and even laughed when the story said to. It makes one wonder if during the dragon flights he ran around his room flapping his hands.

If you like a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, I would definitely recommend Anne McCaffrey. 

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars
Next on the docket is Across the Universe by Beth Revis.


  1. Anne McCaffrey was my favourite author for years; I was a Pern junkie when I was a teen. I read every single one of the Pern series, and nearly every one of her other books, too. I had copies, sometimes more than one, of nearly all her titles. I loved the worlds she created, I wanted to live in them. I participated in a Pern-themed monthly snail-mail fan-fic newsletter/magazine, and I joined three MOOs (text-based online RPGs, back when the internet was still young). I spent hours on them most nights, enough hours that I went through Search and Impression in all of them.

    And then I hooked up with a guy, who wasn't a Pern-nut, and then I went to university, and then other things caught my interest. It's been probably at least ten years since I read any of these books, though I still consider one of them among my all-time faves. I should really pull it out and read it again.

  2. One of my most beloved books of all time!! :)