Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ego Boost

Yesterday was my first final. It was for African History, and the professor is one that I met in Fall Quarter for my Atlantic Slavery class. After I turned in my blue book and massaged my hand so I could move it again, I said goodbye to the teacher. She asked if she could see me outside for a minute. Of course, I agreed, feeling a little apprehensive.

I had no reason to be. She said that it had been a real pleasure teaching me this year, and that she mentioned me to a History guidance counselor. She even told him that I would be a great candidate for the major. I was flying high for the rest of the day. A recommendation from a teacher as important as she is will be a real feather in my cap when it comes to applying for the major.

Now I just need to survive my Oceanography final and my freshman year will be over!

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