Saturday, May 12, 2012

Similar Place Names

I don't mind odd character names. I accepted them as part of the book world, and I know how hard it is for an author to decide on a name. That was one of the biggest puzzles I had to figure out before I wrote Griffin's Song. My father had always just referred to her as "she" and "the girl." I found out later that he always pictured the girl as me. But I couldn't name the main character Heather. Not many people take the name "Heather" seriously. It's so often used in referring to bimbos or home-wreckers. As you all know, I settled on Sarah.

But one thing that I do notice in novels is the names of places. I don't really care if a contemporary novel uses a fake town, or if a fake world has a town with a name I know. It's when the places and words are made up that I start to get picky. It actually made me mad to read a book where the main country was titled: Aremica. It seemed to me as if the author had taken America and just switched the R and M.

Then there was what happened today. I was reading Bitterblue, and my mind made a mistake as I read the words "River Dell." You see, in Tamora Pierce's world of Tortall, a large portion of a book takes place by the "River Drell." I don't mind this at all. It was completely my fault that I mistook the two. It happens when you read a lot. You're bound to think of other books.

But really, Aremica?

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