Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When the Story's the Problem

Last night, for the first time in many months, I was unable to sleep. Because of a story. Not one I was reading, but one I wanted to create. I'd already spent an hour or so that morning working on it in addition to several hours the week before, and then when I climbed up into bed I wrote down a few ideas for scenes on my ipod. You'd think this would have satiated my creative desires for the evening.

Nope. I tossed and turned for AN HOUR before I was able to shut my brain up and go to sleep. This is how I know this story will come to fruition. With Water Dance and Fire Crackle, as well as Wings, I haven't had that "aha" moment where I write and write and write, then grudgingly go to class where I write ideas in a notebook.

That's not to say I won't work on them. I just need the moment. I won't tell you about the project yet, in case it all falls apart and I decide I hate it. But so far it is going well. Well enough to disrupt my sleep, that is.

Have you ever had a hard time getting your characters out of your head?

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  1. Yup, I've definitely had a hard time getting characters out of my head. I'm usually really excited when it happens...and really tired the next morning. ;)