Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Exploits

All in all I had a very enjoyable weekend. How about you? I had family come into town to celebrate a birthday, and my aunt and I discussed books and movies for a long time. She recommended The Kane Chronicles to me, and I suggested The Circle of Magic series and Divergent. So, after I'm done with my current book (Water for Elephants) it's onto the first in the series, The Red Pyramid or something to that effect.

Yesterday I read What A Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn, after hearing a positive review on another blog (only 99 cents on Kindle if you're interested). It is very short and is told from the male perspective, which was a nice change of pace. There were several times that I laughed/snorted out loud and times where I wanted to beat Sebastian over the head with the obvious: that he was in love with Aspen and only his fear of failure was stopping him from recognizing it.

After that I studied for a history quiz (wish me luck) then went to watch Avatar with friends at a dorm down the street. We started around 7, so naturally I didn't get back until very late. We had fun picking out the corniest dialog and debating why Jake Sully didn't become solely his avatar before the huge battle. Then we browsed the list of top 50 grossing movies and mourned the fact that three of the Twilight movies were there.

All in all a successful weekend. How was yours?

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  1. The Kane Chronicles is fantastic! I'm eagerly awaiting the third book, which comes out in May. Hope you enjoy it. ;)