Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday pretty much went down as the weirdest, yet coolest day of the year. It started with having only one class, which went quickly. Then I went for coffee and window shopping with a friend, which ended with me finding the perfect dress for seeing Harvey in New York this summer. I may have also picked up a couple more bottles of nail polish. Then (drumroll) I went to see the YA OR BUST tour stop in Seattle, and talked to Stephanie Perkins!

It was so cool. Her books are cool. She is even cooler in person. She signed my brand spanking new copy of Anna and the French Kiss (my original copy was on kindle. What was a girl to do?) with "never stop wishing on stars." Which she's probably put in hundreds of books, but I don't care! It was amazing the see the tour and listen to them talk about their journeys to publication and their writing processes. I even had the guts to raise my hand and ask a question.

Did I mention my aforementioned friend, who had never read any of the books by the authors, went with me so I wouldn't have to take the bus back to school alone and in the dark? Yeah, she's pretty much awesome. And now she will be reading Anna and the French Kiss as soon as she reads Graceling. I've already roped her into going to Kristin Cashore's signing next month.

The night ended with painting our nails back in my dorm room (hot pink with sparkles for her, crimson with silver sparkles for me) and helping my roommate locate her phone at midnight in a guy's room while she was a bit wobbly on her feet.

Have a crazy wonderful Friday, everyone!

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