Friday, April 20, 2012


Today is the first time this year I will be tested in a math/science class. I did relatively well in math and science classes back in high school, usually scraping a low A or high B. But once I got to university I started focusing on my passions: history and English. This means that my math skills have floated away, and forget about science. I have no idea how I did well in physics my senior year. My guess is little goblins snuck into my teacher's classroom at night and changed my grades.

Anyway, I got up this morning, so nervous I thought I was going to be sick. It took me twenty minutes to calm down enough so I wasn't shaking or bouncing my leg. A shower helped as well. But *AH*. What do you guys do for nerves? I haven't been this nervous in months.

Wish me luck! The midterm is at 12:30.

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