Thursday, April 5, 2012

Character Influence

Here is the trouble with the way I read. When I get a new book I will likely finish it in two days because I really want to read it. This happened last week when I polished off Specials by Scott Westerfeld in less than 48 hours. It's a satisfying two days filled with literary immersion. But then I have no new book much sooner than if I took my time.

I have been told by my parents not to buy any books till next week, due to the fact that I'll be receiving one on Easter that has apparently been on my TBR list for a while. It's been tough. So I've been re-reading Lola and the Boy Next Door.

This time around I began liking Lola's ideas about costuming much more. One time in the book she states that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Then another time that it doesn't matter what people think of what you look like, as long as it says something about who you are. And this time, I really connected with it. Whether it's because I've had free time these past two weeks and haven't known what to do with myself, or because this book has really had an influence on me, but I've started experimenting with my appearance.

Dramatic makeup. Carefully chosen outfits. And nail polish. Lots and Lots of nail polish. For years I stuck to neutral colors, or colors that matched most of my clothing. But this week I went to a local store and bought Bright. Sparkly. Turquoise. Polish. I think it's beautiful. Like my nails are mermaids. My friends think it's too sparkly. But I'm embracing the Lola and not caring.

Has a character ever had a great influence on you? Which one?


  1. Yup - lots of 'em! Too many to name. I love so many great characters and, of course, my own characters too. :)

  2. Hee. Love that polish! I can't think of any characters that I consciously decided to change my behaviour after reading, but that's not to say that there weren't any. Perhaps when I was younger and more impressionable. ;)

  3. "But then I have no new book much sooner than if I took my time."

    I tend to accumulate massive to-be-read lists, which makes this less of a problem. :)

    1. Me, too. And I'm not shy about using my library card. Our library's got an online site where you can download ebooks at any hour of day or night, too, so it's rare for me to find myself with nothing to read. Though whether I'm in the mood to read it, that might be different. ;)