Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Well, the first week of my third quarter of college is almost over. I decided that, after the practical hell that was last quarter, I would take an easier load. This would allow me to take more time on the assignments I'm given, as well as provide me with free time. Such beautiful and foreign words. I might actually be able to write this quarter! I miss it so much. It feels as if a part of me filled up with information and essays, leaving no room for anything creative.

I intend to change that. This quarter I am taking African History, Oceanography, and a Composition class. And for the first time since going to college, I'm taking introductory level courses. The longest paper I'll have to write is 5 pages. How weird.

Last quarter ended amazingly well. GPA wise I was hoping for a 3.0 because my courses were so hard. I got a 3.67. An A- average. I burst into hysterics when I found out.

It's a new quarter, which means new classes and new people and (hopefully) better weather.

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