Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Yesterday I read an interesting post on Glass Cases about how, since Harry Potter, YA trends have become prominent. For instance, after Twilight there was a flood of the market of paranormal romance. Then after the Hunger Games dystopian ruled the scene. She ended the post by asking the writers out there not to jump on the bandwagon, but to write something simply because they like the idea.

I couldn't agree with her more. I read Twilight and wasn't very impressed. The way Bella just curled up in a ball and went numb for months after Edward left made any respect I had for her leave. Then she turned destructive, and I started to dislike her intensely. But this post is not to rant about Twilight. Scores of people have done that before me and probably did a better job of it.

The point of this is to say that I, as a YA reader who is in the target audience, don't like trends. When paranormal romance became popular, I purposefully avoided it. It could have been a well written story by the next person to start a trend. But when half the books I saw the the shelves were the same genre, I made sure to look for fantasy instead.

The same thing happened after I read the Hunger Games, except on a smaller scale. Since I loved the books I read a few more dystopian. And I didn't become critical of them until I read The Maze Runner. Nathan Bransford raves about this guy on his blog from time to time, even did an interviewing series with him. But I was not impressed. After that I turned back to fantasy and contemporary fiction.

So to all you writers out there, just know that writing in a genre that is popular now, hurts the people like me who enjoy different genres as well :)


  1. I agree! I bounce around between books and genres I'm interested in, not really paying attention to trends. I think each trend has only one or two exceptional books, and the rest don't really spark my interest.

  2. I feel the same way about The Maze Runner - felt like I should like it because everyone raved about it, but only found it okay. Didn't bother picking up the sequel.

    I tend to read to trends initially, but get burnt out on them after a few books. I read a number of paranormal when that was fresh, and then dystopians when that was. Usually the books everyone was raving about. But now that the wave is passing, I'm having trouble getting as interested in some recent releases, even though they sound potentially good - Article 5 or Legend, for instance.

    It seems like these trends get kicked off by a mega-seller - Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games. I don't think anything's been as big as any of those since HG finished, so it's hard to predict the next trend wave. Seems like we're due for a sci-fi though...