Thursday, March 22, 2012


My father swears that there is gypsy blood in our veins. His father was a merchant marine, his mother traveled all over the country, and all it takes is a commercial about planes to get my dad going. I was bitten by the bug, too, at a very early age. I loved plane rides - the excitement of take-off, getting to walk through an airport with all its different smells and people.

I've been blessed with a family who enjoys traveling, and tries to travel as much as possible. I can't count the number of times I've been on a plane. But my favorite city so far has been Paris. Yes, I know its cliched, but when I was there I couldn't help loving it as much as all the books and movies say. And last night, I was lucky enough to dream about it. And was astonished at how clear the dream was. I walked down the Champs Elysees, saw the Eiffel Tower again.

I have a bucket list of things I'd like to do before I die. A great many of them involve traveling. I want to see the Iditarod Sled Race begin, watch the Kentucky Derby and sip a mint julep, toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain.

Travel is a way to expand your horizons, and in ways we do that through reading as well. By reading we go somewhere new, experience things we've never done before. So I suppose my two obsessions link up. I read to travel, I travel to experience. Heck, I often read while I travel.

Do you like to travel? Where is your favorite place?


  1. I do love that about reading, too; and a good author can really make you feel the place as if you'd spent some time there yourself. I finished Tamora Pierce's Bloodhound last night, and was thinking something along those lines for that book - she really immerses you in the world and her attention to detail with not only slang/language but also politics and general culture makes you feel like it could be a real place.

    I love to travel, but unfortunately haven't really been able to do any in recent years, with money being tight. My favourite place of the ones I've visited was Ecuador (we flew in and out of Quito but spent the time at rainforest lodges). It was just so completely another world, but absolutely amazing and, strangely, one I felt fairly at home in.

    I've also been to Paris, as a high school graduation present. I had a great time there, too, but the natural history of Ecuador has stuck with me more than the cultural history of Paris. Just the way my interests lie, I guess.

  2. What did you think of Bloodhound? And have you gotten your hands on Mastiff yet? Terrier was probably my favorite in the series, but Mastiff runs a close second. And I agree, her world-building is excellent and, since I've read her other series, shows the continuities and changes between Beka's world and the more current Tortall of Alanna/Aly/Daine/Kel.

    I wish I could go to South America, but my family is rather protective and doesn't want to go south of the border until the drug war calms down. Which makes sense, but I really want to see Brazil or Argentina.

  3. I really liked Bloodhound - finished it in two days. ;) For some reason I got caught up in it more than I did Terrier, dunno why. Maybe partly because I'm a sucker for romantic threads and she had the thing with Dale? No, haven't picked up Mastiff yet; I've got a few other books to work through first but I'll be reading it soon.

    There are a lot of really safe places in Central and South America. A lot of not very safe places, too, of course. ;) Costa Rica is generally accepted as being a safe destination for travelers, not sure about other countries.