Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Have No Will Power

Okay, so I broke down and got Lola and the Boy Next Door on kindle. I'll admit I'm weak. It had been over two weeks since I'd read anything new, and it was unbearable. Especially since I'd forgotten it was "Useless Movie Day" in one of my classes and I can't bring myself to leave in the middle of a class. Even one that doesn't really matter.

So I got Lola. It certainly delivered. It was not quite as good as Anna and the French Kiss, but Stephanie Perkins delivered the same witty dialogue and hilarious insights into a teen girl's mind that I can totally connect with. I only had one problem in the character of Max. *sorta spoiler alert* He seemed like a completely different person in the end than when you meet him. Not because he'd been on a big emotional journey, but he just changed after he was out of the picture for a while.

But I still highly recommend it. I erm...sort of finished it in one sitting. Which is bad of me, since I have lots of work to do. But did I mention not reading anything new for over two weeks? I was desperate for pleasure reading material. I have no will power when it comes to books. I'm already looking at more books to get. And I can't feel too guilty since I wrote a paper afterwards as well as got all my reading done for another class and did the related assignment.

Only. Two. More. Weeks. Then. Break. Thank Goodness.

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  1. Good point about Max. I kind of figured that, in the early chapters, he was still putting on his impress-the-new-girlfriend face (that we all do with new relationships), but by the later half he was feeling more comfortable and secure in the relationship and was letting his true colours show more.

    Glad you enjoyed it. :) I could use a day of sitting around and reading. Hmmm. *eyes book*