Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is Too Depressing?

I recently read the first two books in The Uglies Series. This was on recommendation of a friend who has very similar tastes in books. And while I enjoyed both books and will probably read the next two in the series, I found myself rather sad at the end of both.

I won't have any spoilers, so if you plan on reading them, feel free to continue. In my own writing I always wanted to end my book with things unresolved, some things sad that could never be reversed, but with an overall sense of contentment or confidence. Sort of like (forgive me I still love them to death) the Harry Potter books. There was always something terrible on the horizon, but the last few pages would lift you up out of the darkness and show you that there was still reason to continue.

There have only been a few books that I've simply put down because they were depressing me (Immune by Richard Phillips for one), and I always felt bad that I did. When I read though, it's as an escape from everyday life. I don't mind being sad, I have willingly shed tears while trying to escape from real life. But in the end I want to be happier than when I started.

Do you feel this way? Have you ever put down a book that was too depressing? Why?

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  1. I don't generally tend to pick up books that have depressing themes, so I can't think of any that I've stopped reading because they were too depressing. The closest I've maybe come is with George RR Martin's books; very few characters ever seem to catch a break. But they're well-told and I really like a few of the characters, so I persevere. I've actually been recommended those Westerfeld books, too, but haven't tried them yet.