Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Story Time, Kiddies!

I was browsing Attack of the Cute, which is my new way of procrastinating, when I came across this delightful picture. Preface: I am a sucker for anything fluffy. Seriously, it's not healthy.

And I remembered an anecdote my father used to tell people. When I was four or five my family was at my cousin's house and they had just gotten a couple of guinea pigs. I was holding one, petting it and cooing like a dove, when I decided it wasn't a guinea pig.

It was a bunny pig.

 And everyone thought it was just adorable. And it reminded me of how kids can get away with a lot when they're young and cute. And how it's fun to read it in books. There's a scene in Anna and the French Kiss where a little boy answers the phone and the guy on the other end is British, and the little boy asks him to, "Speak English." It made me laugh.

So there's my story. I believe I shall be reverting to calling them Bunny Pigs from now on.

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