Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well, it was exhausting, and my hand cramped and was covered in red ink, but I did it. I edited all of Griffin's Song in two days, and submitted it to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. Perhaps the hardest part was formatting it the way they wanted, because it was mind numbing, and it was midnight and I wanted to sleep.

Not my dog, I just thought it fit the day.
Special thanks go out to Seabrooke who sent me her critique so I could further better Griffin's Song. I couldn't ask for a better critique partner.

In other news on that front, I cut almost 11k from it in this go around, making it more reasonable 87k. It was hard, but I made some big changes that helped me take out extraneous scenes.

Today I plan on relaxing, reading, and preparing for my midterm on the Golden Age of Spain. I have to know dates. Woot.

Did anyone else out there submit to the contest?


  1. Yaay! Congrats on getting it all done! That's a real undertaking on any timeframe. You cut the word count down quite a lot! It was already excellent, but I expect that'll help tighten it up. I guess with a contest like that they'll have a huge pile of entries so your odds are pretty low, but I'll still be rooting for you. :)

  2. Thanks, Seabrooke :) My fingers will be crossed for the next three weeks!