Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Doesn't Begin to Describe It

In the midst of this exhausting week, there have been a couple of high points. I got an A on a paper I thought I'd failed. I went bowling with friends I hadn't seen for a couple weeks. The sun poked its head out for a while. But the best thing happened this morning when I opened up my laptop to edit the introduction of another paper.

I pulled up Amazon's page, and the names of those people moving to the second round had been announced. And right there between the Gs and the Is was my name. I made it through the first round, and Griffin's Song has a shot at being named the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year!

That is all. I just thought I'd share with you this happy news. Excuse me while I go jump for joy.


  1. Congrats - that's so exciting! Good luck in the next round...

  2. Yaaay! That's awesome! What a great feeling that must be. The story is wonderful and you definitely deserve to be there, so I'm glad the judges agree! :) Good luck with the next stage!

  3. Thanks to both of you :) I'm very nervous/excited!