Friday, February 3, 2012

Catch Up

This week, or really even last week, I didn't post anything about what's going on in my little slice of life. And honestly, it was because I didn't have time. Every blog post that was posted over the past two weeks were written en mass each Sunday so I could spend my mornings just trying to keep up with all my work.
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It's midterms already! Where has this year gone? This week marks the halfway point in my freshman year. Crazy, eh? But things have been great, despite the immense workload. There are at least 4 coffee cups in my trashcan, and the dishes are starting to pile up, but I really feel like I accomplished something.

And I'm editing Griffin's Song again! I figured my problem was that I couldn't picture the words while it was on a screen. So I printed it out and have been scribbling away in red ink. It's very satisfying. One of my teachers also encouraged me to submit my novel to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, which apparently a large portion of the Creative Writing staff at my school will be judging! If I want to, I need to speed edit over the next two days.

Can it be done? I really don't know. Now I'm going to go limp down out of my bunk and eat some cheerios. Yesterday I vented my frustration at this week at the gym, leaving me with an aching ankle and hip, and for some reason a sore neck.

Wish me luck! One midterm to go.

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  1. Goodness, that'll be a rush! A midterm plus a whole novel of edits. ;) Good luck with it all!