Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Divergent is Different

A few days after finishing Divergent, I was reflecting on how many dystopian novels I've read recently. Matched, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Uglies. But the one that's really sticking with me is Divergent. And I think I've finally figured out why.

In the rest of the novels mentioned above, the end goal is to bring down the establishment that at first seems so great, but is really a front for something terrible. But in Divergent, it's about improving the system, not destroying it. It seems as if Veronica Roth is proclaiming that a large change like the creation of Factions where a person's major personality trait determines what they will become, is not all bad. The real conflict is in maintaining the balance between the Factions.

The characters aren't fighting to return things to the way they were in the old world (aka our time), but instead are trying to preserve something that has the potential to be great.

I enjoyed Divergent so much because it was a different take on the dystopian model. If you haven't read it, you should. And I'm not saying you shouldn't read books like matched, The Maze Runner, and Uglies. I'm just saying you might want to put Divergent higher on the TBR pile.

I eagerly await the release of Insurgent on May 1st! Cool cover, eh?

Forgot my weekly page count yesterday, so here it is! : 1888 divided between The A Circuit, Princess of Glass, Uglies, and Divergent.


  1. Haven't read Divergent yet, but really excited to! I always think it's interesting that so many dystopians have the "establishment" fully in place. I'd love to see more with a world in turmoil after crisis, trying to figure out the next form of gov't and order.

  2. Good point; I hadn't picked up on that when I was reading it. Someone made a comment to me about that regarding Across The Universe. It's so easy to think the solution is to remove the current arrangement entirely, but unless you've got something just as good to put in its place, dysfunctional is better than nonfunctional. (Nontopia?)

    I'm curious to see what the third book is going to be called. Divergent, Insurgent.... Detergent?

  3. @Nicole: You should definitely read Divergent! It's a wonderful book, and if you've got a lay Saturday coming up, it's possible to finish in a sitting.

    @Seabrooke: Would you recommend Across the Universe? I read a description online and put it on my TBR list, but I would love your input! Nontopia, sounds like the title of a piece of fan fiction :P
    Hehe...Detergent... *snicker snicker*

  4. I liked Across the Universe alright, and I do plan to read the sequel at some point, but I didn't like it enough to be waiting impatiently for its release. I didn't connect with the characters well, I think, and there were a couple of plot items that bothered me a bit. But I know a lot of people LOVE it, so it's probably worth reading yourself. :)