Friday, January 13, 2012


Something I've been ashamed to let you all know has finally come to an end. After NaNoWriMo I found it very hard to write. I blame it on all the reading and writing I did last quarter- any creative juices in me were channeled into trying to get good grades. Even over winter break.

Well I am pleased to say that is over for now. Last night I had a spurt, and wrote up an entire synopsis for a story. A completely new one. I'm like a kid with a shiny object.

Here's a little piece of it, kind of like from a query:

All Caelyn ever wanted was to get her wings.

With wings she could join her fellow fairies in making their small world of Runda beautiful. The Eternal Spirit who guides them all seems to have another plan though. After fleeing the ceremony where her childhood enemy, Eris, received her wings, Caelyn stumbles upon a human soldier hunting close to the border of Runda. Instead of laying a Casting on him to make him forget he ever saw her, she begins meeting him in secret.

Dayton and Caelyn's friendship is a place of peace in the human world where King Hammond is planning an attack on Runda to enslave the fairies and use the magic for his own purposes. The two must avoid discovery from the fairy prince who wants Caelyn for his wife, and soldiers who would give anything to help their King find Runda. And Caelyn must conceal her own magical identity from Dayton, for the last thing she wants is to have him choose between duty and love.

So there you have it. With this four day weekend (SQUEE) I might actually get a chance to write.


  1. Congrats on the new idea! It sounds fun - a little like Ferngully (which I loved).

  2. Ferngully was one of my favorite movies as a kid! The smoke demon thingy always creeped me out, though.